About Us

About Us

Bill and Cindy Hays

We received most of our practical experience from decades of renting out our homes all over the place nationally but primarily on the Eastern Shore here in Ocean Pines. Bill went to college to be a VO-TECH instructor at the secondary level but rather than teach right away, he successfully negotiated a twentythree year career as an infantryman in the Army. He finished his last three years in the Army in Baltimore as the Professor of Military Science at Loyola and Towson University before ultimately retiring. Throughout those years in the Army, we moved over twenty times, each time setting up a new place to call our home. Sometimes it just took paint, other times we had to build our space to fit all we brought with us. Always trying to maximize both our horizontal and vertical space has been in our minds for years. Secondly, making our space look good with what little we brought was always a challenge.

Ironically, we’ve run the full circle. We left Ocean Pines Md. in 1982 with the ultimate goal of returning. We loved it here so much we bought property with the intent of building on it but we later “flipped” it for a rental unit. Then we bought another and then another and before you knew it we had six homes just in OP. Of course that didn’t go without problems, everything was always breaking in these homes. So we quickly learned that we could fix these things ourselves or pay others to fix it. We also learned how important it was to keep up with routine maintenance, pay me now or pay me double later concept. Cindy became a great designer and painter, our children helped us move furniture in and out of homes and from stores and to the thrift shop or dump. Our friends seemed to all be tradesmen so they were called on often. Many of these tradesmen were the ones who made it through our critical eye and as such are still in business with us today.

Today, we are fully licensed Maryland Home Improvement Contractors [MHIC], insured [Hartford Mutual] up to 3 Million dollars, members of the Eastern Shore Builders Industry Association [ESBIA], Bill recently became a board member of ESBIA, National Association of Home Builders [NAHB] and members of the Ocean Pines Chamber. We believe in life-long learning and are annual attendees of the remodelers show in Baltimore, the builders show in Orlando or Vegas and we’ve been asked to present on various topics here locally in Ocean City and Ocean Pines. We both attend classes, certifications and educational opportunities offered nationally. This is evidenced by Cindy’s recent national Lead Paint [RRP] certification and Bill’s certified green professional status. Furthermore, Bill is trained in home inspections, deck inspections, codes classifications and building, and is one course away from receiving his Certified Graduate Remodeler recognition from NAHB.

So if you want an honest company, that stands behind their word, built on experience and that is extremely transparent with its pricing, that strives daily to meet your approval, then give us a call.

Again, we like the small jobs!