Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

(+/-) Is this the Company I want in my home?

YES. If you can’t trust Handy Hays then you can’t trust anyone. Clearly focused on exceeding the customer’s expectations, charging a fair price and always focused on quality work so you’ll ask for them in the future. We really are like “Avis”.

(+/-) Can your remodeler provide references?

Yes we can. 90% of our business comes from referrals and they say we are: Loyal, fair, ethical, experienced, honest, reliable and trustworthy. We will gladly share our list of previous clients and their phone numbers on request.

(+/-) What happens after the sale?

We guarantee our work for more than a year however some customers have called us years later and we fixed their problem for free because our reputation is more important than the bottom line.

(+/-) Is your remodeler licensed and insured?

Yes we are. We are nationally certified and have general liability up to $3 million and workers comp. for our employees so nothing can fall back on our homeowners.

(+/-) Is your contractor certified and trained?

Yes we are, by the National Association of Home Builders and Remodelers [NAHB-R]. Certified CGP [certified green professionals]. Lead paint certified [RRP] in 2010. We just returned from the International Home Builders Show in Orlanda Fla where we completed our annual training. Some topics included; customer service, kitchen and bath trends, home effeciencies, and trends for energy star and green homes.

(+/-) Payment terms?

We usually get paid after you the customer are satisfied [once the job is completed]. On larger projects, we provide a contract, develop a draw schedule with a mandated three day recission period.

Our Warranty is more like a promise.

We will listen to what you want, make every effort to understand your needs and then offer straight forward advice usually associated with costs and options in mind. Secondly, we will always do our best, exceed industry standards, treat everyone with dignity and respect, demonstrate value and provide a clean and safe workplace.

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